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Hello and thank you for visiting this website. My name is Debra. I am the author of the book Everyone's a Guru and a professional writing consultant. I also work as a book editor, copywriter, proofreader, book analyst, coach and screenplay assistant.

You may be a writer who has recently finished a good draft of your first novel. However, you aren't sure if it's good enough for publication. It needs editing, fixing, tidying up. You contact me to help.

Maybe you've dreamed of telling your life story or perhaps writing the tale of your great-aunt Matilda leaving her farm back in Iowa to sail solo to Tahiti. Maybe you have a great idea for the next big film, but you know nothing about how to construct or format a screenplay. Characters you have read about in favorite books entice you to create your own. But you aren't sure about arc or plot, or how to write so people keep turning the page. You call me and we talk things through, get you pointed in the best direction.

Not everyone who has a great idea actually begins the process of writing it down. Even fewer complete the work. Story-telling comes naturally to some people, while others need to prepare meticulously before they can write the first page. You'd be surprised how many would-be authors I know who've thrown in the towel, leaving brilliant ideas behind due to a lack of confidence. Or the flipside: how many self-published books go out that need extensive revision to which the author is severely oblivious.

That's where I come in. People hire me to avoid the trauma, fear, frustration or embarrassment that arises from sending off books before they're ready.

I check your work. I repair any damage before others see it. I advise you when you're so off track, you've lost the reader. I guide, edit, revise and ensure your book is ready. This is what I do. I love it. And I know about the editing process. I had three other authors as well as a professional editor review my own book after I had self-edited at least a dozen times. Why? Because I know the value of a fresh set of eyes. You, as the author, only stand to gain.

A writer writes. You may have heard that before. I think I first heard it 30 years ago in a talk about Studs Terkel. I don't recall if he was being quoted. Doesn't matter. What matters is: a writer writes!

But then what...?

As a book consultant, my purpose is to assist you in any way I am able, toward getting your book finalized for publication. Yes, writing can be serious work. Hard work. Yet when you are caught up in something you love, time stops, and the work itself is the reward. When you aren't sure if the book is as good as you hope, you send me the manuscript for analysis. I point out the strong points, and areas that need revision.

When I read your work,I apply decades of experience to polish the content of your novel or script while retaining your voice, your story, your way. You'll feel confident your book is ready to be published, your screenplay ready to shop around.

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Together, we can accomplish much. Location isn't an issue. Most of the work is done by email and I discuss the work with authors online, via Skype. I have effectively worked with writers on four continents this way.

I bring more than 30 years of encouraging writers and artists, combined with a solid desire to see you succeed. I match the obvious basic writing skills with patience, conscientiousness, and determination - all of which I hope my clients will come to emulate. I am a good listener as well, and I aim for the best results through our consulting sessions.

Writing is as much about soul and heart as it is about style and voice. Think of the books or poems, maybe song lyrics, which have moved you. Why was that? You, too, can write well! Poets learn early on to keep to vital words and novelists and screenwriters can benefit from this as well. It's not that difficult. As a writing coach, I can help you get beyond anxiety, blocks, or frustrations. We'll sort through whatever you feel might be a conflict or concern, deal with them, and move ahead to meet your goals.

So let's begin. Come inside and learn more. Make a commitment to yourself and your book. In no time at all, you'll look back and say, "Yes! I did it!"

Write, read, rewrite, write!

Thank you! I look forward to working with you.



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